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No cooking skill required!
Enjoy a 5-Star meal at home with
Lazy Chicken Chop

Want to try a rare delicacy?

You're in for a treat!

​At Lazy Kitchen, a chef 
with 13 years of culinary expertise

And an air steward

with 5 years of

professional experience



10 Flavours

Made with 39 different spices

Psst - 70% Of Our Seasoning

are imported from

Oversea !

Now, you can enjoy

unique tastes from

Foreign Countries 

without having to

Travel Abroad!


Spent 9 Months

to develop a superb chicken chop series

So you can enjoy

exquisite cuisine at home!

 100% freshness guaranteed 



We use the safest

Refrigerated Transportation

for shipping

Free Shipping

for minimum order of 12 pieces
(West Malaysia)

Once ordered

you will receive the chicken in

2-5 Working Days

With the power of

word-of-mouth marketing

We sold over

in half a year


97% good reviews

Lots of repeat customers


 Frequently Asked Questions 


1)Which chicken parts are used to make Lazy Chicken Chop?​

Drumstick and chicken thigh

Only the juiciest and

most tender parts!

2)Are the chicken chops raw or cooked?


Through constant testing,

we discover

It is much tastier

to cook the

raw chops yourself

3) Do the chicken chops come with sauce?

No sauce,

because we lock-in

the taste through marination


So it is 

much tastier

than chops with sauce

4) How to cook the chicken chops?

Easy to cook?


Very Easy You can

  1. Grill it in a frying pan

  2. Wrap it in tin foil and bake in an oven

  3. Cook it with an air fryer

5)Where is the location for


Near Nilai Inti College

For self-collection,

please contact our

customer service

​Wong 012-6408609


6)Can I choose any flavour that I want?


no matter how many

pieces you're ordering


You can choose any

flavour that you want

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Lazy Chicken Chop
10 unique flavours
you can't get these at 97% of the cafes!

1.)Original Flavour

The most popular flavour
A huge hit among
many of our
customers' kids!

The flavour is
sweet and charred
with a hint of salt

2)Spicy (Mala) Flavour

We use chilli and pepper
imported from China
to create an
authentic Sichuan flavour
for you

Stimulating and spicy
Fans of spicy food
would find this flavour

3)Black Pepper Flavour

Ground using pure,
Sarawak Black Pepper
Our black pepper will
wow you

As each bite
burst with a
tantalising aroma
This flavour will tickle
you in all the right spots

4)Cumin Flavour

A rarity in Malaysia
Cumin is a
popular spice in China
It can enhance the chicken

Cumin has a
warm, earthy and slightly
peppery flavour

5)Lemongrass Flavour

We improve our
lemongrass flavour to
excite your taste buds
moderately sweet
with a splash of
fresh lemon juice
This flavour will remind you
of the aromatic satay

6)Fermented Bean Curd Flavour

The fragrance of
fermented tofu​
Blended with a
mellowy taste
it's the warm taste
of traditional hometown

7)Curry Flavour

A slightly spicy flavour
Combined with the
unique richness of
Nyonya Curry

Flavourful yet refreshing
You'll be
completely hooked

8.) The Secret Garlic Flavour (NEW)

After our chefs tried to
match various sauces, 

we've finally developed a
unique garlic flavour
in the market!

Very fragrant,
strong garlic fragrance!

Oops... realized that
I had accidentally
finished the whole slice🤭

8.)Sambal Flavour (NEW) 

Lazy Kitchen’s

the ancestral secret recipe


You will like this flavour

if you like to eat



It is the most flavoured flavours,

with 18 natural spices.

10.)  Herbal Flavour (NEW)

Salt-baked herbal
taste is formulated
with various powdered
medicinal materials.

Delicious & helps to
replenish our body!


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Our chicken manufacturers

are ISO & GMP certified

100% Freshness Guaranteed

Once manufactured

 We use

vacumn quick freezing technology

with 6-digit precision

to preserve the chicken


No Preservatives

No Addition


Our chicken can

stay fresh in the freezer

for 6 months

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check out our

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Wong 012-6408609